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Reply Mariabive
5:03 PM on October 11, 2022 
I'v? noti?ed th?t man? gu?? ?refer r?gul?r g?rls.
? a??l?ud? th? men ?ut there wh? h?d the b?ll? to en??y th? love of m?ny wom?n ?nd ch?o?e th? ?ne th?t he knew would be his b??t fr?end dur?ng the bum?? ?nd crazy th?ng c?lled l?fe.
? w?nted t? b? th?t fr??nd, not ?ust a stable, r?liabl? and b?ring hou??w?f?.
? ?m 25 ???r? old, ?ar?a, from th? Cze?h Republ??, know Engl??h l?nguag? ?ls?.
?nywa?, ??u ?an find my ?r?f?l? h?r?:
Reply Anikabive
5:17 PM on September 29, 2022 
I'v? n?ti?ed th?t m?ny gu?? ?ref?r r?gul?r girls.
? ?ppl?ud? the men out ther? who had the b?ll? t? en?oy the l?ve ?f many wom?n and ch?o?? the ?n? that he knew would be h?s best friend dur?ng the bum?y ?nd ?raz? th?ng c?lled l?fe.
I w?nt?d t? b? that friend, n?t ?ust a ?tabl?, r?l??ble and b?r?ng housewife.
I ?m 27 ??ars ?ld, ?n?k?, fr?m th? ?ze?h R?publ?c, kn?w Engl??h language also.
?nyway, ?ou ?an find my ?r?file h?r?:
Reply MargaritaEa
9:12 AM on April 18, 2022 
??ll? all, gu??? ? know, my m??s?g? m?y be to? sp??ific,
?ut my ??ster found ni?? man h?r? and th?? m?rri?d, ?? how about me?? :)
? am 25 ye?rs ?ld, Marg?r?ta, from Ukr?in?, ? know ?ngl??h and G?rman langu?g?? al??
And... I hav? specific d??eas?, named nymph?man??. Who kn?w wh?t is this, can und?r?tand m? (b?tt?r t? ??y ?t imm?diat?ly)
Ah y?s, I ??ok ver? tasty! ?nd I lov? not only ?o?k ;))
?m real g?rl, n?t pr?stitut?, ?nd l?oking for ??riou? ?nd h?t r?lat??nshi?...
?nyw??, you ?an find my prof?l? her?: